522 Errors Every 2-3 Days

For some months now, my server goes AWHOL every 2 or 3 days due to 522 errors. Starts with one domain (password-sentry), but eventually if I don’t manually reboot the web server, the others sites (lionsgatecreative.com.hoodpals.com, etc.) start to shut down one at a time. I brought this up several times with my web host, but they are not seeing anything, I had them check as soon as one happened, and load times were typical: very low. No errors logged anywhere to trace the source. Any suggestions? Is it possible to have server automatically reboot when this happens? Not an ideal, if evenly possible, solution as I would like to discover the source and fix it. But, getting desperate. This is an existential threat. It was suggested by cPanel moderator that “It’s definitely time to poke Cloudflare to see if they have any additional details on their end that may help narrow this down.”

Well, if and when it happens again, I’ll disable CF and reboot the server to see what happens afterwards.

Hello there,

I assume script can be possibly do that.
Else, you can use server monitoring service. It could be:

Or any other you choose to.

The usual cause is related to webserver. This #tutorial can point you on that.

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