522 errors - connection timed out

I’m seeing a lot of 522 errors (via Cloudflare) - “connection timed out”

Often this is instantly for html requests, and image requests a longer to time out.

I cannot think of anything config wise that has changed at the origin server and requests to the server that are not via Cloudflare have no issue, i…e requesting a page with 100 images on it, is fast and no time outs whatsoever.

What could be the cause here - Theres no firewall rules blocking IPs and nothing is in my logs, I dont see most of these requests even making it to my server.

Is there a way to debig this via Cloudflare?

At any one time, I have between 400-500 TIME_WAIT connections (via netstat)

Hi, not that it help solve the issue but I am also experiencing 522 errors today when my server is fine. As a quick “fix” I removed the Cloudflare proxy…

Interesting, I checked tiwtter and no-one is talking about 522s yet.

My server is with OVH in FR, what about yours?

Same, OVH FR Strasbourg

OK thanks, I guess I can stop trying to solve this and go get some food. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.

Yeah, probably.

This problem is lasting for hours now and it does not seems that neither OVH or Cloudflare had noticed it, there is no hype about it on Twitter, it’s critical tho and ruining our service!

I think this problem is only related to Riga, Latvia - (RIX) datacenter, is it possible to exclude this datacenter?

why do you think that?

error statistics show only this country

This is an ongoing incident since 00:20 UTC. We are noticing packet loss to OVH France, also from Cloudflare. We contacted OVH and Cloudflare about this incident although most probably the issue is on OVH side or some provider in between affecting different locations (mostly south east asia and south / east europe). OVH is aware of this problem, but if you have not contacted them I suggest you to notify the issue.

Thanks, I have opened a ticket to OVH. If I get some useful info I will tell you.

@Rocketesta, @Gr3g01r3, and anyone else experiencing this issue, please check out the embedded article below!

Thanks but the service has been running fine for months and I do not recall making any change in the last days to my firewall.

Also, I got answered by OVH that it s a server configuration and I should look at https://community.ovh.com/ . Again, my server was working fine for months.

I came here to create the same topic but i see most of the ppl getting same trouble. The interesting issue is i host two website on ovh server, one of them is working like a charm but one is getting 522 too often.

When i try to activate vpn it seems it’s smooth. It’s really weird and i checked iptables, .htaccess but couldn’t find a solution. Really annoying, should find a fix soon, Losing huge traffic and problem is still alive whole day.

Follow the status of the OVH incident here:


Yes, and getting redirected to https://community.ovh.com/ to solve the issue by OVH customer support is so infuriating. I rejected their answer. Let s see what they say back

My i ask did you buy your hosting service directly on ovh or it’s alt services like soyoustart?

I use soyoustart server which is OVH’s alt service.

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directly on OVH