522 errors at specific geographic locations

Hello. We have a self-managed bare metal server through OVH. Once before, we received 522 errors through Cloudflare in San Jose, CA and Los Angeles, CA, and the same problem happened once again.

Turning off Cloudflare resolves these problems for clients near these locations.

I made a ticket with OVH and they denied they had blocked Cloudflare IP ranges and stated they do not block any Cloudflare IPs. Our firewall through OVH is turned off.

Again, our server is self-managed, and we did not have a software firewall on, fail2ban, or anything that can block IPs. I can confirm that nothing was inadvertently blocked on UFW/iptables.

Can Cloudflare please investigate these 522 errors?

I should also add that these 522 errors were intermittent and unpredictable until Cloudflare is turned off, which means IPs probably weren’t actually blocked. And sometimes certain resources would load, but not others. It also leads me to believe this is a very intermittent (but not widespread) problem on Cloudflare’s end.


Which of the 522 quickfix ideas have you tried so far?

cf does not generate 522, we simply pass them from the origin

Thanks. What you said about CF not generating 522 errors makes a lot of sense.

I’m reaching back out to my host as it seemed like their investigation was rather lazy.

I’ve basically tried all of those quickfix ideas and then some. I’m nearly certain it’s not our server causing the issue.

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