522 errors, any suggestions

the last ss i sent sounds like it was a theme issue, i have already fixed it but i have been encountering this new issue, i contacted my support, they said it is cloudflare’s issue and they told me i dont need to worry about it and it’ll be fixed automatically by time, is that true or is it host’s issue? because my forum is very very slow and every 15 or 10 seconds it gives me that time out, is it ddos? cloudflare over view dont show anything though, all requests and stuff are stable…


If you get Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found” Error here is the detailed guide how to fix such kind of issue: https://besthostadvisor.com/blog/server-dns-address-could-not-be-found-error/

If you have Error 522: Connection timed out here is the detailed guide:

I have checked on the thread, most common causes are fine in my site, nothing in my site as it says, i believe i have 522 condition 1, it stops for 15 seconds and works again

how do i fix it

Easy to test. If when NS records are :grey: problem persists, then it is your server.

You need to check logs

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i already figured out its ddos through firewall events, they keep using captcha challenge and quit i guess, which makes no sense because through over view it doesn’t say there’s a spam on requests, i have s3en firewall events, there was 10 users bypassing captcha challenge at once but they don’t seem to be doing any flooding, still my site keeps going down with the error 522, also Xaq,please help me solving 522 error condition 1 because i believe that’s what is happening.

please block what is happening for me or fix it, since this has never happened before and based on my knowledge of ddos i don’t believe it’s ddos, i already talked to my host and they said everything is fine from their side and they said its a cloudflare issue which should be fixed by them.


now i an getting this :

I’m having the same problem … yesterday I also entered a famous torrent site and the advertisements were presenting this same error, is cloudflare going through any problems?

Comparing server logs and Cloudflare logs, you can figure out if they are sending requests directly to your server.
Are you using under attack mode?
What is the domain?


I was using it yes and forum was slow af, i turned off all cloudflare protections and site seems to be loading fast like normal (after 30m of turning off protections) and the error stopped appearing, any clue?!
my domain is lsgamerz.net i have it password protected

Weird. But now you are using CF protection (CAPTCHA).
What if you disable password ? check logs before and after removing password protection.

which logs and where can i find them, any path or loaction…?

  1. Cloudflare panel > Firewall > logs
  2. Your server logs (Firewall, webserver)

that screen shot shows when one of my members pressed the captcha challenge only once to approve he’s not a robot, why does it spam?
by the way that was disabled, i disabled that rule
imagine 10 bots pressing it…

What about your server logs in the same period? Maybe attackers are using your server IP and bypassing Cloudflare.

nope there’s no attack, i have contacted my host again and they approved it’s Cloudflare issue not from the server’s issue and they’ve checked for me if there’s any suspicious activity or flooding such as ddos and they said there’s nothing, i have asked them to repoint the nameservers which would disconnect me from cloudflare and i will reconnect cloudflare once it’s fully disconnected and see if it works normally like before

Not from what I can tell. That definitely looks like a server issue. -> http://sitemeer.com/#https://lsgamerz.net/

Your site generally loads very slow, there are plenty of requests that take almost ten seconds each(!) and that can easily lead to timeouts.

You, respectively your host, need to fix that. Thats not Cloudflare related.

That’s because i asked for a reset on nameservers which means im disconnecting cloudlfare (DNS and everything related to it) that thing that’s happening isn’t unusual since it’s not disconnected yet, it might take more than 48 hours

Your server being slow is not related to DNS. If it is not unusual that your server is slow, then I guess everything is fine :smile:

my server never was slow, it became slow after connecting cloudflare with a week or so.

The screenshot you posted is only a HTTPS redirect.

Once again, plenty of your resources take way too long to load. That is a server issue, there is not more that can be said.

bruh i come here you guys tell me its host or server issue, i go contact the host they say its cloudflare issue, wtf is this

edit : when i was connected with cloudflare i wasnt even able to open the site, it kept giving me wrong gateway error code 522, when i asked for nameservers to get back on default bluehost nameservers all went fine , site is now fast…because of the process it went down for a while