522 Error with UFW Disabled and everybody else able to connect

Hi y’all. Recently been trying to set up my website (ziax.xyz) with Cloudflare. It’s currently registered with Cloudflare, and I’m hosting a Wordpress site on my end. I have Cloudflare pointing at my IP, with UFW disabled to make sure it could get through, and I still 522 Error. No firewalls on my router either. All of my friends can connect to the website through raw IP, and it can be connected to when using DNS only instead of Proxy, but as soon as I switch it to proxy the site 522s. I’m really lost, I have no idea what would be preventing a Cloudflare connection but allowing every other IP under the sun. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time if they read this. My issue was that my SSL mode was full, and Cloudflare was attempting to make an SSL connection to my server, which was obviously denied. Setting it to flexible fixed it, and I can connect through Cloudflare proxy.

Silly me.

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