522 Error with Hostinger

I had my website on a hostinger shared hosting and managed the DNS from cloudflare and it worked fine. After migrating to a VPS, I keep getting the 522 error. Not sure what should I do, it has been more than 10h like that.
I checked with hostinger support, the website loaded with them (though without an SSL certificate), but nothing is working for me.
I just need to know if this is okay, or something is extremely wrong, my website is live and i have been offline for more than 24 hours.

Pause Cloudflare so requests go direct to your VPS. Make sure your website is working first, it’s hard to debug behind the proxy.

Set up SSL and install a certificate.

Once that is all working properly, then you can unpause Cloudflare (making sure your SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)” so your site is secured end-to-end).

If you then have problems, check you are not blocking Cloudflare IP addresses.

I contacted Hostinger support, we checked and it appears that the DNS is still propagating (it shows the hostinger and the cloudflare nameservers each time you refresh), so I will wait until it is fixed on the cloudflare nameservers, then try this. Hope it works…

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