522 Error with Cloudflare Proxy Enabled

Hi all, I’m having some trouble getting a website working with the Cloudflare proxy turned on.
With the proxy on I get a 522 error.
With the proxy off (DNS only) I’m able to connect to my site.

My site is self hosted using windows server IIS.
I have a static IP address that I’ve added to the A record for Cloudflare.
I have set up SSL using “Full(Strict)” mode and Cloudflare generated certs.
I have up IP restrictions in IIS to allow Cloudflare IPs as per the below list and deny all others.

Two things I thought might be causing this are:

  • Incorrect SSL configuration
  • Incorrect IP filtering

Could incorrect SSL configuration be an issue? I’m not sure how to verify it.

As mentioned, I’ve configured IP filtering as per Cloudflare’s list, but I noticed when pinging the domain that the IP returned is not in the list. Could the Cloudflare list be incomplete?

Otherwise, what else could be causing this?

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