522 Error with Cloudflare Pages - Custom Domain

Hello all,

I’m trying to deploy a simple landing page (‘coming soon’ page) that has been deployed successfully through Cloudflare pages (at https://culzean-coming-soon.pages.dev/).

The site works great if you go directly to the CF Pages web address, but when adding CNAME records for a custom domain (at https://culzean.ca), all I get is a 522 error.

I’ve read and followed the documentation; this should be a simple operation, but it’s just not working for whatever reason :frowning:

Any advice from the Cloudflare boffins on here as to what I should be doing differently to get this *$%^& thing to work??

Did you add to the Pages custom domains?

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Thank you, CF boffins!

Apparently, I had to set up the CNAME records via the Pages interface section; manually pointing records at the domain doesn’t work.

Thanks for the help!!

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