522 Error, why this error?

So, there’s no doubt that couldflare is one of the best CDN service, I’ve ever seen, but I don’t why Cloudflare is giving me errors every next week.
Last week, I was getting 523 error, however, I fixed up that by signing off from another account to new Cloudflare account, but yesterday, I started getting one more error 522, now, I changed my nameservers but I want to use Cloudflare, but before I want to know why this was happening.
Basically, why I was getting 522 error? as there was no problem on servers end?


is there something like if website getting many visitors then site will start showing this error

Hi @anubala1261982,

If the server is overloaded with visitors, then it may cause Cloudflare to return a 522.

Please have a look at this article for other ideas.

no server is working fine no overload on that but problem is with Cloudflare, I am talking about that does Cloudflare have any limits or something. As this error was on my PC only, not with any other device. My Ip only. can it happen because of cache?

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Hi @anubala1261982, try clearing your cache, an incognito window, mobile, or a different browser. Can you share the name of the domain in question?

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