522 error trying to move to Cloudflare

HELP! I’m trying to move my server back to Cloudflare, I’m not computer science savvy and have hired web developers who are getting 522…they say is on Cloudflare’s end…the site had been down getting these updates and changes for 4 days…I"m losing people…please help?

I’m trying to move from my current server back to cloudflare, I’m not IT savvy, I web developeres state it’s 522 error, they say the web developers say it’s from your end…meaning cloudflare…help??

Are you changing nameservers at your domain registar or only the IP address would be different?

Are those client domains/Websites using Cloudflare? Or only yours as a “main” domain? (maybe you have had an NS records added to your domain to which the clients domains were pointed?)

Have you allowed Cloudflare IP addresses to connect to your new host/origin?
Have you got SSL certificates for the needed hostnames of the domains?

Did you already went throught the steps from the below article?:

I believe you would need to whitelist all of the Cloudflare IP ranges at your new server to connect to desired open ports, which are listed here:

Yes! I think @lo.koppang NS settings or his Origin blocked Cloudflare’s IPs, the DNS change made on Cloudflare are really fast, but sometime you can use https://dnschecker.org/ to faster resolve.

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