522 error timed out

Hi ,

Since this morning i have error page (522 timed out) , i have checked my wordpress configuration , all seems okay , my website is : https://abonnement-smartiptv.com/

Can you please help me .


I have the same problem on 10 domains, cloudflare failures report, server is OK

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so the problem comes from cloudflare and not from my server ,
how can we get in touch with them?

I have a big problem here .

If you search 522 #CommunityTip on this site you’ll get suggestions on addressing the timeout issue on your origin, we relay that error from your host and don’t generate 522s.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help.

Can you share the domains in question? And, if you open a ticket, please share the number here.

Hi @ab.siptv, I can load your site no issues, perhaps clear cache or try a mobile device?

I had the same problem like ab.siptv. Now it’s working. Maybe it was some failure?

API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/fbfaae22b345d1bd69d366838164207e/support/ticket/create (500)

create ticket not available

Sorry for issue creating a ticket, can you email support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email on your account, please include domain name. Let the engineer know about the 522 and ticket creation failure.

ok send. thank you.

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i have unproxied my dns when @petkoc has confirmed the issue .
I will enable cloudflare and check again

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I can confirm that removing the cloudflare proxies, in the dns tab, let the website work as intended. Now is working also proxied.

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i have contacted my hosting provider support and i have just received the following message :

Dear Mr ----,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

Please accept our sincere apologies. Due to networking issues at one of our carriers your server was temporarily not reachable.

After noticing the problem, our technical department reacted promptly, and we are currently re-routing our traffic. Moreover, we are in close contact with the carrier in order to sort out the issue finally.

Right now your server should be reachable without issues again. Should you still experience issues reaching your server, please send us an MTR or traceroute. The tutorial below explains how to create an MTR:


We kindly ask for your understanding and beg your pardon for the inconveniences caused.

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

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So you have also contabo… -.-’’ OK, now I know who to blame

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I also have a contabo

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yes lol , i’m confused, after the confirmation of @jarino.kovac I thought that the problem comes from side of cloudflare, while this bug is related to contabo

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