522 Error through Singapore but no error via VPN to Australia

I read this support article

and checked on all the points.

but it seems that whilst I’m unable to connect to my site via the Singapore CF server, if I use a VPN to route to Australia instead, then I’m able to reach my site.

How can I troubleshoot and report on specific CF servers ?

That does sound like a case of your origin server blocking or rate-limiting cloudflare IP addresses, you’ve said you’ve checked all the points but what steps have you taken to ensure this isn’t the case?

Have you whitelisted all Cloudflare IPs?

Thank you for the input.

I had previously requested the host to verify the IPs and rate-limiting, but they did not find any evidence of this. Which doesn’t rule out an error on their search.

I took a look myself and found that the firewall had a block: # lfd: (NETBLOCK) (-) has had more than 4 blocks in the last 86400 secs

Which I guess falls inside CFs

I’ve removed that block and the CF IPs are now in the Allow list of the firewall.

I am currently able to reach the site from the previously contentious location.

Is there a monitoring tool that can be used to help send alerts when this issue arises ?

Users on paid plans can setup Standalone
Health Checks
, which can send alerts if your origin is unavailable.

Error Analytics can also help identify these issues, but without alerting.

I’m not aware of any notification process for changes to Cloudflares IP ranges, I built my own tool to watch the API for changes. Based on Cloudflare recently emailing all users about an upcoming change in their IP ranges, I would expect similar notifications in for any future changes to those IPs.

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