522 Error Report


On the main dashboard I can see a lot of metrics (Unique Visitors, Total Requests ext.) about my site. But I could not find a way to see the error log of application. Especially 522 errors report. Since 522 errors are caused by not responding server It is not very possible to detect and fix that problem.

An option to set alert emails on case of 522 errors would be a very nice feature.


522 errors are fairly self-explanatory, your server connection timed out.

There’s not much other information you could get from an error log, 522 just means the request was sent and the server didn’t respond in time.

There is also a product request for this.

Thank you for the answer but my question was not about what 522 error means. I want to see a report that contains this kind of error log.

Yes. This is what I mean.

Thank you

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