522 Error Only With Cloudflare

Hi there.

Did anyone have the same troubles as me?
From some time, website loading is too long.
Before this trouble, website load fast (<1s)
I also could get 522 error sometimes.

Suppose, that could be trouble on a CF (Cloudflare) side, but I do not sure.
Anyway, if I send HTTP request to host (without CF between us) all work’s fast and fine.
With CF I get 522 error on KYIV location. If that matter.

If you want, you could do the same things as me:

  • download postman (I use this tool)
  • set header “Connection” to “close”
  • send a few (a lot?) requests and wait until you get 522 error.

Second way:

  • use curl with -H “Connection: close” argument. But check curl docs.

Note: We should set connection to close. Then, CF will open new connection from another host. Not sure, but that work’s for test for me.

Website: blackflash.pro
Host: Ukraine

The same problem with the sites located in Kyiv, some requests from Ukraine (and other locations, when WARP is used) can’t be completed with 522 errors and timeout 15s. The issue has lasted for a couple of weeks already. When CF is disabled, all sites load fast and without delays. We use VPS, so I can control all settings and can provide any logs from the server. The hosting provider is hvosting.ua. Anybody from Cloudflare can check the problem?

Can anyone help to diagnose the issue? When I paused Cloudflare on site - all works perfectly, when CF is enabled (trying each weekend, more than a month already) - some requests ended with a 522 error. The server (debian11 with all updates installed) uses nginx/1.23.2 as the webserver. No CF IPs are banned. The hosting provider redirects me to CF, saying it is a CF issue. I don’t see any 522 errors in the error logs, there are no entries in logs when CF generates 522.

Screenshot 2022-10-22 111551

Screenshot 2022-10-22 111616

Screenshot 2022-10-22 114642

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