522 error on CNAME redirect

I’ve made a static Cloudflare Page.

It works at TaartPlaatje.js

I’ve applied a CNAME rule:

CNAME(Proxied | auto TTL)
www.blackenvelope.net is an alias of blackenvelope.pages.dev.

It used to work at

Since this week I get errors for this URL

Error 522
Ray ID: 6bc58bed1b9f7732 • 2021-12-12 08:22:44 UTC
Connection timed out

What could be the matter?

I’m hoping it was just a temporary issue, as it’s working for me now:

Hi, thanks for your response. Strangely, the error now moved to another page

EDIT: I’ve fixed the website by not routing to Cloudflare Pages, because I feel like I will not get a proper response anymore after today


Which is a CNAME for dingbats.pages.dev

Same connection timeout… It seems like there is some problem in Cloudflare internal routing

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