522 Error from my IP, but site is reported as accesible


The error started last night. I’m getting “Connection timed out Error code 522”. Checked with another service, and it is loadable. It is strange that even in Developer Mode, I’m getting the same error. In Security Events, the Ray ID is not showing.

Any idea what’s causing this?

Development mode just bypasses the cache. You need to Pause Cloudflare to bypass Cloudflare and go direct to your origin. Do that so you can see where the problem lies.

If that works, but it doesn’t work through Cloudflare, check that your server/host isn’t blocking requests from Cloudflare.


Ok, I also paused Cloudflare, and it still throws the same 522 error.

The website is live, I can access it directly (IP loaded in hosts file).

It’s starting to look like a CF error to me…

Make sure to wait until the DNS TTL expires. You should not see a Cloudflare 522 error page if requests are going direct to your origin.

If you can reach the website via the domain name when Cloudflare is paused, but not when enabled, then you need to find out why Cloudflare cannot connect to your site. Make sure Cloudflare IP addresses are not blocked by any configuration, tools or plugins on your site.


Thanks @sjr, you were right. The CF IP addresses were partially blocked, they probably added new ones and my shared hosting didn’t update their configuration. Problem solved!

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