522 Error for Website app

I keep getting a Cloudflare error for a website app that isn’t under Cloudflare anymore.

As you probably suspect, the website app is still going through Cloudflare for some reason. How long ago did you remove it from Cloudflare? What’s the domain it’s using?

Hello, thanks for responding. Yes it seems that way. It was a few weeks ago I remove this site from Cloudflare.its using the domain 360wavesunlimited.com.

I don’t see anything on there that would toggle a Cloudflare connection error.

Can you test the webapp from another device and/or network?

I tried on both my Android and iPhone and still getting the same error. On my macbook my website still works tho.

Have you tried on your phones with both cellular and wifi?

I just tried over wifi

Are you just using a regular browser on your phone? Like Safari on the iPhone, and browsing to 360wavesunlimited.com?

Yes and it works on browsers,but not from the app.

So you’re saying it works on your iPhone and Android browser, but not on the app? How did you add the app to your phone?

I’m not that familiar with phone apps, but I believe the iPhone will let you add a web page to the home screen and make it look like an app. Or is this an app you have on an App Store?

If it’s working fine on your phone browsers, but not on the app itself, then there’s something odd about how the app is storing the host name. Perhaps with an IP address? In that case…it wouldn’t surprise me if you’d get a timeout because that site doesn’t exist through Cloudflare.

The app is in the apple and Google store and I have people who downloaded it, I want it to work through the app not look like its an app. Whats the solution to fix this issue,because Im not using Cloudflare and want to remove this error and have my app working again.

I’m not an app developer, but is there a way to re-compile the app? Maybe there’s something in there where you set the hostname and it stored the IP address as well.

I’ll try that

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There is also mixed content on the site. There are some guides here to fix that.

Where do I look for that?

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Thanks, It says its secure but then it went away.

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