522 Error for selective Adresses/Areas for 5+ Minutes

Hi dear Cloudflare Team, hi @sdayman, please help me,

I buy a KVM VPS with an IPv6/64 subnet and put Linux Containers (LXD) on it and put WordPress Sites inside the containers and webmin (right now a possible answer to where the problem comes from). Each container gets a universally routable ipv6 from the subnet from the managed bridge that LXD makes available. Packets get routed from the hosts eth0 to the bridge lxdbr0 and from the bridge to the container. The software inside the containers restores the original ip from each visitor with some NGINX conf lines. I also use UFW/iptables legacy on the host and inside the container, but have made sure that Cloudflare IPs are not limited or blocked. Also the Hosting Stack does not block the Cloudflare IPs. I use let’s encrypt (setup with Cloudflare Proxy enabled) to have SSL from the host to Cloudflare. Also I utilize the IPv6 to IPv4 Gateway Cloudflare provides, as my Containers are IPv6 only.

I can also rule out all the other points mentioned here: Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

Most of the time the connection is just fine, but sometimes and here it comes: only for specific IPs or maybe areas I get an 522 Error from Cloudflare or an Alarm from one of the Uptime Monitoring Services I use on the sites. The site usually is down 5 minutes or longer and then comes back up again by itself.

The server is not under heavy load and the sites can still be reached fine from another connection, for example from a VPN connection using only IPv4 or by accessing the IPv6 directly in the browser or from speed testing sites like GTMetrix or Google Pagespeed Insights.

If you could have any clue that helps me, I would be extremely thankful!
Thanks for taking on this issue!

If you were having those issues just today, then they were probably caused by a global outage that happened earlier today that impact multiple services, including Cloudflare.
More info about that can be found here: Third party transit provider issue causing increased HTTP 5xx errors.

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Hi @arunesh90, no not just today, I had them every day I worked on the sites on the server. It has been going on for months and is cirripling my efforts to build a hosting business. Please read the whole issue, where I also mention “Most of the time”.

Also running MTRs from multiple locations did not show a problem. I ran them to several Cloudflare Edge Points and to the server and vice versa, also my office of course.

I also had a Canonical Expert on my server and he did not find a configuration mistake.

@sdayman Please help, this issue has nothing to do with the outage yesterday, it has been going on for months.

Hi @michacassola,

Tag-spamming users is generally not appreciated. If you have tried all the steps in the #CommunityTip you linked to in your first post, you may need to open a ticket with Cloudflare Support, including as much information as possible and the RayIDs of as many of the recent errors as possible. If you are on the free plan, this may take a while, but they should be able to look at the logs and give more details.

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@domjh How can you call something spamming if it serves a purpose to get somebodies attention?
sdayman liked the post of arunesh90 but that was just a brush off answer due to yesterdays outage and showed that my problem that I tried to describe as best as I could was not read properly.
But good to know that disregarding or ticking things off your list is more important than helping someone.

Will have to try with opening a ticket then…

You originally tagged them in your first post without waiting for a reply and then again now. We are all volunteers here and will get around to replying to your post when we can. If you haven’t had a reply for a few days and think your thread has been missed, replying will bump it back up so we see it again. There is no need to tag specific users. The issue yesterday was the most likely cause of that type of error, so that needed to be clarified first.


Trying to make it personal by using the built in functionality, that functionality should not be understood as an offensive action but simply as an hello there, unfortunately due to all the trolls out there and the missing undertone in messages it can easily be misunderstood? Also not meant as a “you have to answer now” kind of thing, I have no problem waiting days for an answer or not receiveing an answer at all. It is a not so common problem after all… And it is a free support forum, like you mentioned.

But getting offended by being mentioned or the mentioning of others… I think you need a break? I’ll buy you a coffee if you’d like. :coffee:
Thanks for all the help you guys give to everybody, it is appreciated.

I’ll even go one futher, if anybody finds “the problem” or anything concrete that leads to a solution I’ll send them 500g of the best black tea to anywhere in the world even if it is an internal problem with Cloudflare.

Sure, being personal is great. As you will have seen from my first reply, I always tag the original user in the thread when I first respond. We do get spam here and people do often tag users. I am not offended, at all. If you tag me in a post, I get a notification for that, generally that is because I helped a user earlier in their thread, or because someone else on the forums wants my attention for some reason. I also spend time on here reading and replying to general topics where I was not notified of them, when I have more time to look into things. If you tag someone, they might not be online or able to reply to that question, but by leaving it open to everyone, you are likely to get someone who can.

Just my two cents, if someone tags me in an unsolicited fashion, that’s almost a guarantee not to get a response :slight_smile:

@sandro Is the whole forum concept solicited or unsolicited?

Imagine you break down with your car, you are by chance near a car service station. In the window you see pictures with names of the employees and you see in the place one of the people from the display and so you remember her name and go inside and say to her: “Hi Dina, could you help me please, my car has broken down…”.
And then she says: “Well, I have to tell you, I never help people who call me by my name.”

But all of this is off topic (which is another unwritten forum rule with questionable sense). So let’s get back to technical things please.

Summing up:

  • Nobody ever died by being mentioned by name, offline or online. In real life it is considered a good thing to know somebodies name and use it too. Come back to the light non-forum side.
  • I will be extremely thankful for actual help and I do see all the wonderful help you guys give in this forum for the users, so thank you again.

I just did an IPv6 test for my office and my ISP Vodafone has DNS Servers which do not support IPv6 according to a test site. Switched to and now.

Is it at all possible that this can cause a false 522 error?

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