522 Error for Florida Region

We are not able to access our application from Florida region. The requests are failing 522 error code. Please note that we can access it from California, Newyork, and other regions.

Is this related to the issue which was reported in cloudfarestatus related HTTP forwarding header?

Please help.

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Seeing the same issues for our application as well. Looks to be isolated to the Florida region.

We have the same 5222 issue first reported in FL and now TN.

Had a similar issue. During that time period we were unable to establish connections from several South East locations generally in the vicinity of Florida and Georgia.

Earlier this week we had the same issue but mostly isolated to users trying to connect from west coast and some upper Midwest locations.

Servers were fine, and all Cloudflare IP addresses and ranges were validated as whitelisted.

Still no response from Cloudflare support.


When connecting to server via a separate whitelisted IP (from the problematic regions) which was not routed through Cloudflare, there was no issue connecting. This indicated to us that it was a Cloudflare issue. For some critical applications we had to allow users to bypass Cloudflare and connect directly to servers, it was a manual process though as we had to whitelist their IPs in a separate security group and then manually remove the groups when problem was solved.

Hopefully there isn’t a comment on this board saying that … “This was a server issue, check out this 522 help topic.”

That was an acknowledged issue yesterday and has been fixed since yesterday 3pm.