522 error every 2 clicks

Hi! I noticed that a lot of my sites are getting 522 errors very very often, lately. As often as every 2 pages, and this is not good as it also happens in backend while working. Can you tell me why? The error, in this particular site, is Error 522 Ray ID: 47abb2ed29e59774

Your server might be overloaded and not properly respond to connections.

it’s happening on different website on completely different servers, could it be that it stared at the same time? The fact is that if I put Cloudflare in dev mode the site starts working perfectly again, and pretty fast. Could it be a malconfiguration or something that changed?

It could and it is impossible to say with the available information.

what would you need? it’s a wordpress network at https://dottlattuada.it/, and I’m currently working on the subsite https://dottlattuada.it/centro-dimagrimento/

I tried loading the site a couple of times and did not get the error. It might be best to open a support ticket and reference the connection ID you mentioned.

oh sorry I had disabled it haha! now it’s active again, I’ll try and see if it happens again. the fact is that I noticed that at least 2-3 of my sites are doing this, completely different sites and servers (from wordpress to prestashop). That’s why I started wondering

Still no errors. Support is probably the best approach at this point.

ok, thanks!!

just happened again,

another thing, I should be able to see a cached version of the site right? Always online is active but I don’t see a cached version of the page… mhh

I have been having the same issue across my sites. Opened a ticket with bluehost and they say to contact Cloudflare. Obviously there is a disconnect somewhere.

mhhh the same here, in fact the strange thing is that if I disable it it seems to work fine, so there has to be something that’s not working correctly via Cloudflare. I haven’t changed settings recently, but maybe something happened that I don’t know about!

Hi @user9, check out Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out. I just hit the site without issue, if you’re seeing it intermittently it may be a rate limiting issue with your origin. In any event, the tip walks through how to open a ticket for a 522, pls include the ray id from above.


thanks for the info @cloonan!

I have the same issue, recently starting getting random 522 errors. I talked to my host provider who is truth worthy and confirmed me that the server isn’t overloaded nor is blocking CF IP addresses, now what I can tell you is that I have this problem while browsing from the UK, if I browse with a US IP address (via proxy) I don’t any issue at all. Looking at the topics about the 522 errors a lot of them shows screenshots of Datacenter based in Europe which makes me think there is something going on with CF. This is kind of very annoying, so I have disabled CF for now till it is solved.

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