522 error, common fixes failed

I have already went trough the common fixes, disabled my firewall, accept from every single cloudflare IP, yet i am still facing 522 error :frowning:

Also i can ping my domain from terminal just fine, even looked at traceroute mydomain.me (i can’t fully understand it, but it reaches cloudflare servers)

What is the domain name?


you already saw this ?

Yes, i did

What is your encryption mode set to?

The long delay before the error is returned would probably indicate Cloudflare cannot connect to your origin and times out. Hard to debug without knowing the origin IP address and doing direct tests on that.

Are you able to connect direct to your origin yourself?

Yes i am able

My encryption mode is Flexible, but i tried every mode.

What port are you expecting your origin server to be listening on for inbound connections? Does it accept those connections with Cloudflare paused?

For others in the future: It turns out my ISP blocks port 80 (i only checked 443, so i didnt notice). The solution i came up with : I used Cloudflare’s Zero Trust tunnel, set up an Nginx reverse proxy on port 5001, and tunneled http 80 port to my 5001.

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You could get rid of the tunnel and just use origin rules to have the Cloudflare proxy connect to port 5001 for you…