522 error, Cloudflare not even making connection attempt according to logs

When I try to connect to my website I get a HTTP 522 error. I checked my DNS records and firewall, which all seems correct. When looking at the logs I can see there is no attempt made to connect to the origin server, nothing gets blocked and nothing comes through, there’s no mention of any of Cloudflare’s IP’s in there at all.

I have been searching for a solution for days now, asking people I know who have had similar issues, scrolling down countless forums and reading any documentation that seems to be even slightly related but I have found nothing that matches up with my experience.

Does anyone have an idea what may be going on here?
The domain in question is michaelbilardie.nl

Shortly after making this post, I have fixed this issue by adding an origin certificate to my server and setting the TLS settings to “full strict”. I do not know how or why this fixed my issues but I am glad it did.

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