522 Error by visitor

Received 502 Host error yesterday and 522 Host error today. I’m visitor to site Teacherpage dot com, which supports my website.

As not the ultimate host, available instructions not applicable to me. Anyway to determine if this is a temporary situation, or if Teacherpage dot com has gone bankrupt etc and all is lost…

Google search not finding recent news about Teacherpage dot com

This is typically a temporary issue where the site owner needs to make changes at their origin to allow Cloudflare traffic. You may want to reach out to the site owner.

Thanks! I did that. The owner is “Support at the Teacherpage dot com”. It came back immediately. Was thinking that the same cause would create errors for both visiting the site and receiving email.

This is unlikely to be the case since this error is not related to email and Cloudflare typically does not proxy email. It sounds like they might be experiencing two separate issues. Unfortunately because this is an origin issue, I don’t have any more insight. This is something that owner would need to adjust on their end.

Thanks for your help. Guess I’ll wait awhile to see if they fix the issue. Hope it comes back. Hate to have lost everything.

@freimer Just to add what @emanova said. To allow/allowlist Cloudflare you can use our IPs list here -

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