522 error but my server is showing no requests... HELP

I changed my hosting plan. There were some problems at InMotion. This morning all my sites worked. Then only health-boundaries.com worked. I have 4 other sites, for example: barbed-wire-justice.com

All 4 other sites return 522 errors. InMotion says the logs show no requests from Cloudflare. Cloudflare is whitelisted…

Help? Please?

Karen Klline

Try going to the Cloudflare Overview page for your barbed wire domain. And then click on the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” link in the lower right corner.

Wait 5 minutes for DNS to propagate. At that point, visitor requests will go directly to your server. Let us know if that gets the site working again.

Here’s more info on 522 errors:

I tried it with two of the four sites that aren’t working. I got a message that the sites take too long, timed out. Neither connected.

Then it’s a server issue. Leave it “Paused” and contact your web host’s Support people.

Thanks, I’m on the phone with them now.

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InMotion techs took my sites completely off Cloudflare and then were able to reach each one via their computers. They maintain the problem is with Cloudflare caches. Although they said they bypassed Cloudflare, I was not able to reach the four affected sites.

Further, I purged the caches at Cloudflare for barbed-wire-justice.com which made no difference

barbed wire is still dead for me. It’s definitely using an InMotion IP address. Maybe it’s the wrong IP address. You’ll have to double-check that with them.

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You seem to have the wrong IP addresses configured on Cloudflare. The address you have configured ends in 82, whereas it appears it should end in 247.

Confirm that with your host and make the necessary changes if it turns out to be correct.

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Yes, my IP address ends in 247. I thought Cloudflare went and retrieved the proper information. Not so?

Are you saying I should manually change all the IP addresses in Cloudflare?

Is there a way to have Cloudflare retrieve the information anew?

Not so, respectively only when you import the domain. Any changes afterwards have to be made by you.

Go to your DNS control panel and check all the records and make the necessary changes.

Thanks, I’ll go do that, then…

Wow, that did the trick.

Just to be clear, days ago I looked into changing the IP address here. the material I found said that Cloudflare couldn’t change an IP address… so I removed all my sites thinking a new set up was needed. You could have a plain English article about easily changing the IP address. It would be helpful under these circumstances. And, It’s super easy… when it’s not advertised as impossible.

Sorry for the trouble. If you have a link to the material that you can share, I will let the author know.

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