522 error and domain not resolving to IP

domain no longer resolves to my static ip address - a ping and tracert on my domain goes to a Cloudflare IP (which has changed between two different Cloudflare IPs).

I have checked firewall settings - including rebuilding - firewalls all working and I can connect to a server through an alternative route.

The cloudflare error i am getting is a 522.

What are the next steps I should take?

My set up is self hosting with a static IP address from my ISP. this was working perfectly the last time i connected.

It sounds like you’re using the Cloudflare Proxy, and as such, uses a Proxy Address for accessing your site. That’s expected behavior.

A 522 is not expected behavior.

A 522 error typically happens when Cloudflare requests to the origin (your webserver) get blocked. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

Thank you sdayman.

Your explanation helped me understand it far more and i looked in alternative places. Problem is now resolved and it was a combination of router (specifically port forward rules ) and the webserver port forward rules. We switched to static IP and the router port forward configs were modified by a config update from the network provider.

Again thank you .

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