522 Error after every 3rd page

hello when i visit my site in incognito mode, homepage loads fast then when i click on page 2 it takes lot of time to fully load. and on page 3 i get instant 522 connection timeout error, after that all pagination pages is loading very slow and giving 522 error after every few pages from cloudflare. when i pause cloudflare site is working normal, cleared cache but nothing working except pausing & removing.

Hi @starsb0641,

Take a look at this #CommunityTip on Error 522:

on speed overview tab it’s showing api request failed speed test could not run. i disabled all plugins , removed and re added site on cloudflare but still nothing changed. Now all i can do is wait for reply from hosting provider.

Well, if the site is showing error 522 it’s likely the speed test won’t work properly.

I suppose you’re referring to WordPress or some other CMS, right? In that case, you need to make sure everything is running as it should on your side.

Since this error typically happens when Cloudflare requests to the origin (your webserver) get blocked, you’re on the right track.

not fully sure but now i can see site is working fine.

Actually real culprit was content views plugin. Their new pagination url structure was creating problems. after disabling their pagination feature, site starts running normally.

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