522 connection timed out for cname

Hi, I’m new here. Just registered my site with you all at maxdarling.org

I am playing with aliases and redirects. I got www.maxdarling.org/* directing to maxdarling.org via a redirect rule. However, I also wanted to try accomplishing something similar via a CNAME. I added a CNAME for other subdomains pointing to maxdarling.org but I keep getting a 522. I’ve searched other related posts for 522 but couldn’t find anything related.

Here are my DNS configs:

Help appreciated!

A CNAME to a pages.dev will only work if the domain is added as a Custom Domain in the Pages project settings. Trying otherwise results in a 522 error.

Sure, but it still doesn’t work if pointing to maxdarling.org. Any help on why this is?
I.e. test2.maxdarling.org results in a 522.

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