521error please help me to solve

After registering free ssl and changing dns from godaddy to Cloudflare I am entercountering a 521 error I have already spoke to godaddy customer services they have told that the problem is on Cloudflare I don’t know what to do please help me guys. :worried: Even I am unable to open my wordpress site.

What’s the domain? If you set DNS here to :grey:, does it work?

A 521 means that Cloudflare can’t reach the server for your domain, so it could be a misconfiguration.

Sir my domain is Https://popular-trends.com

It’s working for me.

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Thank you for replying Sir but i try to edit the post in wordpress the page suddenly turns into like this please

One way that could happen is your server blocks access to some URLs (here URLS related to administrative tasks) when the request comes from CF network. By any chance do you have a security plugin installed on WP?

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