521 through only SG

Website has been operational for years. Getting normal amounts of traffic from the normal areas. I am currently in the Maldives trying to admin a few things and the SG CF rays cannot contact my webserver - getting 521, unreachable.

Origin server is on VPS and no limiting http/https firewalls.

My IP in Maldives is: 123.176.22.xxx and I can SSH/HTTP/HTTPS with no problem to my webserver. Seems the SG ray isn’t able to connect. Again, no HTTP/HTTPS firewalls - everything is setup to direct via https:// which is functioning normally from my office in the USA.

May I ask have you tried contacting SiteGround?
Lately as far as I remember, there were few topics from different customers/users having issues with SiteGround (at least due to some Google Merchant issues, etc. about SSL connection and similar).

Does something change if you temporary switch from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only)?

I’m not using siteground. I’m using digital ocean.

If I bypass the proxy feature, the site is reachable. I’m wondering who I should open a ticket with - VPS provider or CF? seems like there may be a routing issues between SG CF → Digital Ocean.

I might re-read and not understand about what did you mean by “SG”. I assumed SiteGround, but obviously I was wrong. Sorry for missunderstanding.

Can you describe a bit more what is that in few words, if so? I might not be familiar with it.

And there is no maintenance work at the data center?

Furthermore, if you read the suggested 521 article, may I suggest waiting for another reply:

I would suggest writing a ticket to your VPS provider, just in case.
After you get the answer, you could write one to Cloudflare to troubleshoot further.

SG = Singapore Cloudflare, which is where traffic from the Maldives funnels through.

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