521 Server Error


Please can you help. am getting a 521 Server Error and website casinowinneronline.com is offline. 

Did a restore of a 2 day old droplet before this issue occurred, but still getting the 521 error.

Help appreciated

As the message says, your server is down.

Pause Cloudflare, contact your host and make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS, and once it does you can unpause Cloudflare again.

Hi Sandro, thanks for your reply. I have taken your advice, and disabled Cloudflare, now when i check if the server is running, it says “Host Not Found”

The hosting is a droplet with Digitial Ocean, they dont seem to be very helpful. I restored another version back up of the droplet, and did a restart, but still cant get the website to show.

Your help would be much

Yeah, that’s mentioned issue. As long as the server does not work, it cannot work on Cloudflare either.

Keep it paused and fix the server issue, once it loads fine on HTTPS, Cloudflare will work as well.

As for the issue, afraid that’s beyond the scope of the forum here. If your host cannot help, maybe try StackExchange or Reddit.

Thanks for the help Sandro, if i could buy you a beer, i would :slight_smile:

No worries, if you want you can donate an amount of your choice to a local animal welfare organisation :slight_smile:

And the site does load fine now and works on Cloudflare as well.

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