521 error with DNS proxied but another site on same host working fine

Hi there, I currently have a site on a webhost that works fine with Cloudflare DNS proxy and caching. We’ll call the site that works fine A. I created another site on the same exact host that works fine without DNS proxying and caching, called site B. As soon as I enable proxying on B, I get Cloudflare 521 errors. Site A continues to work fine when B is proxied. When I disable proxying on B (and wait a few minutes for DNS changes to make it through), I hit refresh and site B loads back up no problem. Site A works the entire time no problem with proxying. Does DNS proxying/caching work for two sites on the same host? There is no problem with either site from the webhost side.

More details: I use NGINX for the webserver. Site A is a Wordpress blog. Site B is a mybb forum. I realize I’ll need to do some page rules and NGINX config for B to make it work 100% right, but the base page viewed as a visitor should load no problem with CF proxying.

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A 521 error happens when Cloudflare is unable to make a TCP connection to your origin server. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for Quick Fix Ideas.

What’s not quite right about that configuration?

@sdayman another site on the same exact host is working just fine, so cloudflare has no problems connecting to the origin server. As far as I can tell from NGINX logs, Cloudflare doesn’t even attempt to make a TCP connection to the 2nd site.

Regarding the configuration, I know I’ll need specify for CF to not cache some pages (user profile pages, control panel stuff, admin pages, etc.) because the content is fully dynamic and should not show the same content to different users, even if the url is exactly the same.

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