521 error with cloudflare-domain

I have deply the nginx service in my vps, and I can visit the ngxin by the vps’s ip directly.
but can’t visit the nginx service with the cloudflare-domain, and get 521 error

Pause Cloudflare and make sure that your site loads fine on HTTPS. Once it does, you can unpause again.

after I pause , I get the same error

What’s the domain?


The server is not configured for HTTPS. The error message is spot on in this case.

Keep Cloudflare paused and fix your server. Once it loads on HTTPS, it will also work on Cloudflare.

yes, the server is not configured for HTTPS.

but why I can visit a week ago

Precisely and that’s what you need to fix. As long as the server is not working properly, it cannot work on Cloudflare.

Can I use cloudflare’s certificate to configure nginx on vps

You can use an Origin certificate

I have no CA certificate

Well, you need one.

Can I use the CA certificate which created on the cloudflare to configuration the vps’s nginx?

The linked article has all the information.

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