521 Error (when using no ip and cloudflare)

Hey, i am using no-ip https://noip.com for the port 80 redirect they have since my isp blocks port 80

but when i use a cname and set the target as my noip domain it will return 521 errors (https://humanium.ml) if i go to (http://humanium.ml) it will display a different thing i have never seen before but if i go to the no ip domain it will load fine but the problem is noip isnt proxied sorry if i explained this bad but can someone please help me (i am self hosting using wamp)

bump still havent been able to resolve this :confused:

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Sorry for the frustration. I don’t see a 521 nor an nxdomain error, ;under attack mode is active and after the interstitial page I get a 522. The issue is with the dns records, I only see a CNAME record and the content itself does not load properly.

There are some great #tutorials on adding DNS records and some #CommunityTip, I’d start with this one as it addresses the records issue,

And reference this #tutorials for background

the cname content was not loading as my wamp server was down i have re enabled it but the humanium.ml site does not work still and it is delaying stuff i have been trying to release

the content on the cname now loads my apache content but if i try the url humanium.ml it wont

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the web server is responsive as if i visit it via no-ip’s domain it will work but i use noip.com for its port 80 redirect function (my isp blocks port 80 and i dont want people ot have to type a port in to visit the url but whenever i connect the cname to cloudflare i either get a weird page saying offline page or a 521 error (this is all when the site is fully accessable by my external ip

www.humanium.ml fails as there is no www dns record nor page rule to redirect visitors.

When I go to CNAME value I am getting a timeout error
Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 4.10.44 PM

When I visit humanium.ml I see something…not sure it is the intended page or not…

I do not know where the page u see is coming from i also see it but i dont understand how i can add my external ip as a dns since ports 443 and 80 are blocked by my isp

also if you do go to the cname value try port 8080

That is a screen shot of humanium.ml showing the ssl certificate is in place and some error about your site not being available.

I’d start by reviewing the dns #tutorials above and searching nxdomain on this site :search:

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