521 Error - hosting error

Hi I’m getting a 521 error on my website. I’ve contacted my hosting provider and they say everything is ok their end. What can I do to fix this issue? Many thanks.

521s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 521: Web server is down and mean Cloudflare can’t reach your server. That will be something for your host to fix.

What’s the domain?

It’s leebarnesconstruction.com. When I contacted my hosting provider they said it was a CloudFlare issue connecting to them! Thanks

Yes, as I mentioned the issue is that Cloudflare can’t reach your server, but this will be because of a block on your host’s side.

Ok I’ll contact my host again. What happens if they keep telling me its a CloudFlare issue like before?

I presume your server IP address ends in 14, right? If so, the issue is that your server is not configured for HTTPS.

Your host needs to fix that, enable HTTPS and configure a valid certificate for your domain on your server.

Ah ok. Could it be an issue with the HTTPS on the Wordpress website? With a SSL Plugin?

No, that’s a general server issue and can only fixed by your host.

If it ends in 14, the server is not running HTTPS at all.
If it ends in 41, it does listen on 443 but with an invalid certificate and your host still needs to fix that.

In any case, your host needs to make sure your site is working fine of HTTPS without Cloudflare. At this point you best pause Cloudflare (main page bottom right) until the site loads fine on HTTPS. Only the unpause Cloudflare.

Ok I’ll do that. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

It’s working now they got me to change the A records in Cloudflare to one ending in 41.

Thanks again for the quick response and help. Very much appreciated.

As I said, you have an invalid certificate there and the site is still insecure.

Plus, if it loads on Cloudflare you’ll also have an insecure mode chosen as well.

Is it ok now though? its loading ok?

No, it’s not. As I said twice already you have an invalid certificate and you should pause Cloudflare until everything works. Your server certificate is still broken.

I’m using 2 plugins on the Wordpress site. Flexible Cloudflare and Really Simple SSL for the Certificate!

And that’s all broken. Again, pause it and fix it first.

How do I fix it? through my Wordpress or with the hosting provider? They aren’t being much help.
They keep saying its a Cloudflare issue which it obviously isn’t.

Your host needs to fix it.

Again, pause Cloudflare.

Or change host.

I’ve paused it. I thought Cloudflare provides the SSL Certificate? That’s why I used it in the first place. I apologise, I’m still learning.

No, Cloudflare does not provide a certificate except for their proxies.

All they offer are certificates which you can install on your server (Origin ones) but you still need to configure them on your server.

Now that you paused it, fix everything that needs fixing and unpause only once it loads fine.