521 error CloudFlare with my websites

Hello , I’m getting this error a lot

I tried to contact my provider support they told me that Cloudflare Ips range is whitelisted and it may a problem of bad bots and fake log in ; and i installed a plugin for that but still the same problem , sometimes working fine and sometimes shows the error

At least they allowlisted Cloudflare. Are you noticing anything in common when the errors happen? Is it all Paris, or a certain URL? Here’s more 521 information:

Yeah it is all Paris

Any one helps me please

If it’s only the Paris servers, then that’s very strange. Or have you not tested from other locations?

The link I posted has a lot of information and suggestions. If you’ve tried all of that, and it’s still not working, the article(s) say to contact support:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

Yeah it’s always Paris and never tried to test other locations

A repeat visit for me gave me a 521. It’s the same behavior of another recent 521 thread. By chance, are you running Railgun?

Yeah i’m using Railgun

They turned off Railgun and that fixed the problem. Dunno why, though. Support recommended they try that.

And this happened for 3 of my 5 domains , they all Railgun activated , cph-hydro.com - greenglow.co this 2 domains never show 521 error even they are with the same host and railgun activated but this 3 cph-agro.com - cphwa.com - dimel-dz.com are showing always a 521 error

I don’t know who they contacted at Support, but maybe Support can look it up and see what’s going on.

OK i’m looking for the solution

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