521 Error, but I can access IP directly and It even works on another domain

#CommunityTip 521

I have a AWS Lightsail instance that is reachable to one of my subdomains of an domain I had here before. But I bought a new domain yesterday night and I’m doing the exact same settings, however it keeps showing me the 521 Error.

I searched the Forum already, but all other problems just magically disappeared.

Did you configure SSL properly on your server?

Yes https works from the subdomain of another domain managed here.

But is that also properly configured on your server?

Whats the URL in question?

Yes it was, and somehow now it magically works. I didn’t change anything.

Somehow now http is working but https not. I have the Port 443 open and it works with another domain on here.

Domain in question is http://talesocial.com and https://igbot.lifestyle.cool

I switched to Flexible and it worked. Tip#3 it was

Congratulations, you now have an insecure site. Flexible should never be chosen. Switch back to Full strict and make sure your server is properly configured.

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