521 Error After renewing domain w the same configuration

Hello everyone!
Our domain is on Godaddy and we didn’t pay for it on time. Since 1 week it became ours again and Cloudflare DNS works fine. We can add new records and resolving works as usual.
The only problem is proxy. It seems it sends all request to unknown endpoint.
We get Error 521 with old edge ssl and the previous AWS ALB.
The same error with new ALB, new regenerated SSL, even if I change record from ALB CNAME to A record and put white IP, monitring shows no connections.
Firefwall hasn’t been changed and it’s the same for another domain in the same AWS VPC.
Just for test I opened it with ALL TCP to and can open directly site with curl -H"Host: mysite.domain" https:// alb-endpoint from any place
But still no connections through cloudflare proxy.
Clearing proxy cache is ridiculuos but I did it, only deleting zone is left.

Solved. Flexible SSL mode doesn’t worked if you have only https endpoint anymore.