521 after updating nginx


Recently I’ve updated my VPS’ nginx installation and now cloudflare can’t access my origin. I didn’t change any of the configuration files and I didn’t change anything on the vps. What to do?

Don’t think im that idiot that the webserver isn’t on, it is on and it is working. When I type in the VPS ip in the browser everything’s working fine.

My VPS hosting is hetzner, and I don’t think they’re blocking cloudflare IPs either

I’m going to guess it’s not responding to HTTPS on Port 443. From the Overview page for your domain, click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” (lower right corner) and wait five minutes to take effect, then try your site using the hostname…and HTTPS as well.

Refused to connect error. So I should setup ssl again or renew the ssl license?

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