520 issue Please help

Hi everyone !

I have 520 issue with my webstite (https://www.pointgphone.com/)

I’ve been looking on the differents topic already and found this (in French ) https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/fr-fr/articles/200171936-Erreur-520-le-serveur-Web-renvoie-une-erreur-inconnue?flash_digest=2a3bfa9b45b00fadcc146032da530989876e4ee4

It’s exactly the same that I have. But the article said that it’s because I need to put Cloudflare IP into the “green list” my web hosting (o2switch) is telling me that they already have Cloudflare IP into the green list.

So where this problem can come from ?

Any idea ? Also, I have to say that the problem is barely happen (I will say that if I work on the website and change / reload pages, it will happen maybe 2 times in one hour)

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot !

Thats difficult to debug then I am afraid.

Do you have just one IP address configured on Cloudflare or several? Is there anything else peculiar about your setup? For example load balancers or similar?

Can you double check with your host that they have allowlisted all IP addresses mentioned at IP Ranges?

If none of this works, my only advice would be to collect the connection IDs of the failed connections and contact Cloudflare’s support. Though I am not sure how much they will be able to tell either, particularly if it only happens intermittently.

Thanks for your help

Yes I only have one website into my Cloudflare account.

“Is there anything else peculiar about your setup? For example load balancers or similar?” I don’t think so,

I did double check already the whitelisted IP …

I did tried to contact Cloudflare’s support already but I only get a typical message saying that i should ask here :frowning:

Can you post the ticket number you got?

Hi @nanaxO, in addition to sharing the ticket number here as @sandro mentioned, can you also reply to the auto reply the support team sent and let them know you’re still encountering the issue?

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