520 - ip is in China

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to cloudflare and enjoy it so far but i’m having a slight issue.

my website doesn’t connect to my home router.

here’s my setup

browser → cloudflare → my home router → kemp on a VM on my laptop → webserver on raspberry pi.

I can access the site from the pi, from the load balancer’s virtual IP, and even from the router’s ip.

The only thing not working is my link. The settings appear correct but perhaps since my router ip is Chinese this is why it wont work?

Thank you in advance,

  • David

Does it load when Cloudflare is paused?

But 520s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error.

Hello Sandro,

Pausing cloudflare does enable me to get to my site with the url. How interesting.

Edit 520, not 502

I did look at a lot of articles regarding 520. The thing is my server is really simple, like “Hello world” in node js simple.

I think perhaps I did something wrong on the cloudflare website since pausing it “fixed” it.

502 or 520?

What’s the domain?


That is currently not proxied but times out altogether.


That’s a general server issue and your server does not seem to be reachable right now.

oh that is strange. works on my laptop but not my wife’s phone on wifi or data (or sitemeer as you demonstrated)


Just for clarity: at the router I send port 443 to 8443 of my load balancer’s VIP, then to :443 of my raspberry pi. Is that wrong?

and are you saying that it might be something i’m missing in my node.js code?

I am afraid I can’t tell if that is a configuration issue on your end or some network issue but that address ending in 148 currently is not reachable and so Cloudflare won’t be able to connect either.

Rule of thumb, make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS when unproxied, then proxying should work too.

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