520 GET errors in my wp-admin only when I connect to the admin of my website from France

Dear CF Community,

I have set up CF for the website planetaddict.com. I’m located in Switzerland and after setting up CF for the website with the 3 classic page rules for a WordPress site, everything works as expected. But in Paris the admin of the website was complaining the her administration was not working properly. So I connected to the administration of the website through a french server using a VPN and I could see in the console a lot of 520 errors for some files (see attached screenshot) making the admin unusable.

Weird thing as well, If I enable the development mode then, the 520 errors disappear and the website works as expected.

Of cours if I turn off the VPN connecting from Switzerland (with development mode off), everything works…

Honestly I have setup CF for several websites and I never had an issue like this one. Any idea how to solve this?

Best regards

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