520 Errors

Hello, I have a strange 520 error. I’d like some help, really strange as all my other website on this server are up!
This domain has static content!

520 does not claim the server is down but that it returned an invalid response


Well site seems to be backup. But I have no idea what happened… I tried to read the curl thing, but I dont think it will work for my site. Server was setup to only receive from Cloudflare I think


You cannot access my website by it’s IP.

Thats why the example is using the host header explicitly.

I’m not sure to follow.
I tried this specific command:
curl -vso /dev/null --user-agent “Mozilla 5.0” -H “Host: example.comhttp://
I put my host and ip, and it did not work

Did not work is not exactly the most useful statement in the context of debugging :wink:

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It was saying it timed out

If it is now up it might have been a temporary issue with your host. Maybe contact them for clarification.

Try a search here for “520” and other 5XX errors. You’ll see it’s usually an overactive firewall while Cloudflare is filling it’s caches.

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