520 errors on some sites

I have several sites running through the free version of cloudflare

4 are Bluehost sites

of the 4, 3 were getting 520 errors today

I paused cloudflare and now the sites are working

What causes this and what are the fixes?

#CommunityTip 520

??? (sorry for all the question marks…i only wanted to use 1 but that was too short)

Here’s a collection of all 5xx errors. Please follow the steps in this post:

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can someone explain the 520 stuff in English? I don’t understand half the terms, I use cloudflare to speed up the sites.

5xx errors happen at the host. Your host needs to look through their logs. Most hosts usually say there’s nothing wrong at their end and blame Cloudflare. 99% of the time, it really is the host blocking Cloudflare for some reason. So ask your host for help. Provide them a precise time that you received the error and ask them to look at their logs. It could be in their firewall, or on the web server itself.


Thanks, that’s exactly what the host is doing though, they are basically saying that there’s nothing wrong on their end. They are saying that since the site loads with no issues so it must be cloudflare. How do I tell them they’re wrong?

Perhaps attaching the error information page to your Bluehost support ticket will help them understand better.

They’re trying to route me through their cloudflare service. Initially I was turned off of clouflare via Bluehost becuase of some issues, like www routing. Is there any compelling reason to go through them versus straight through cloudflare? I can’t afford the premium version of cloudflare right now I’m using free. So knowing I’m paying nothing for cloudflare is there any difference?

I don’t like using third party integration. The only reason to do so would be if they offered some premium feature for free, like Railgun. But you’re certainly welcome to switch to their version, but it sounds like you’ll be stuck with having to use www with your hostname.

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