520 Error with Wordpress/Optinmonster/SSL

My set up is hosting on Siteground + wordpress + SSL + various plugins including Optinmonster + Cloudflare (not the one click version from Siteground, as I have a naked domain.). I’ve whitelisted the IP’s related to Optinmonster, but…

Anytime I try to make a change to the Optinmonster plugin output settings, I get a 520 error. Does anyone have the same set up? Any experience with what might be causing the problem? No other plugins have issues when I make changes, just Optinmonster.


Can you tell me if Rocket Loader is set to Auto or On in your Cloudflare dashboard (under SPEED tab)? If so, what happens if you turn it off?

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Hi Ryan

Rocket Loader is set to OFF already


Was there ever a resolution to this issue? I’m experiencing the same problem.

Hi Dev22 - I never got it resolved. Optinmonster spent quite a bit of time on it, I still have the same issue. BUT it works. Although I get the error message, the action goes through, I just hit the back button and it has all worked. Hope yours is the same