520 Error when switching to Cloudflare Nameservers? (Go Daddy)

I had previously switched over to Cloudflare Nameservers so my site would be secure (amandaalex.fun). But I recently noticed I’m getting a 520 error. When I switch back to godaddy’s nameservers, the site works fine (but is not secure).

Any help would be appreciated.

I did recently get an email from Cloudflare about “Changes to Cloudflare Infrastructure IPs Listed on cloudflare.com/ips” where I might have to update IPs, but not sure if that relates.


That’s the first thing you need to fix with your host.

I thought I had set it up with Cloudflare to that my site was secure.

Cloudflare cannot make your site secure if it is insecure. You first need a working SSL certificate on your server. Talk to your host about that.

Ok, looks like it’s secure.

I still get a 520 error.

Ray ID: 650dff7f1fbf07f8

Is your encryption mode “Full strict”? If not, set that.

And no, it still is not secure.

You best pause Cloudflare for now, fix your server, and only unpause Cloudflare once it loads fine on HTTPS.

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I am getting the same error. I’m using GoDaddy’s hosting. I contacted their support and they say it is a cloudflare issue. It looks like something similar to this happened in 2018 and I couldn’t find any resolution. It seems the only thing that worked was to not use cloudflare with GoDaddy hosting. No idea why I wasn’t affected in 2018 but I am now. Hopefully someone will find a better solution this time, whatever is causing the sudden change.

I was essentially doing this:

But for whatever reason I just started getting a 520 error recently (it was fine for the previous few months otherwise).

Ended up just upgrading my plan on godaddy so it includes SSL (this can be cheaper that purchasing an SSL from godaddy, ex. $30 vs $70 for the year). I only need this site for the year, so I figured this was the path of least resistance.

Your host is known for charging extra for most things. While I do not think certificate necessarily have to be free, they mostly are these days and Lets Encrypt offers them, and Cloudflare has Origin certificates as well, though the latter are only recognised by Cloudflare and only valid in a proxied context.

If you are paying your host now more only for SSL, my personal advice would be to consider changing host.

Yeah, I just assumed it had SSL, so I wasn’t happy when that wasn’t the case. I will never be using godaddy again.