520 Error when submitting a form

Hi All

We are testing our forum and whenever is someone trying to submit a question via the link below they are seeing a 520 error (intermittently 80% of the times)… it goes away when we pause Cloudflare on our site.


Need assistance as it seems to be a CF issue, we have read other 520 error related threads on CF support but no itst helping.


Hi @ahujasahil,

I have just tested and I do receive a 520 when I submit that form. When you have Cloudflare paused, are you able to have a look in Dev tools in your browser to see what response code the site gives and if there are any errors showing there?

Otherwise, this error is quite difficult to debug if the general information didn’t help, without more information about the connection so I would suggest opening a support ticket and including an example RayID when it happens and they will hopefully be able to track down the issue.

No, that didn’t help. We have raised a ticket for support.

If this is not resolved we would have no choice but to get rid of CF after using it for 5 years now.


As far as I can tell that comes straight from your spam protection plugin (or whatever it is).


That request is straight off of your server.

This is further confirmed by the fact that the form submits just fine (via Cloudflare) when left empty for example

Not a Cloudflare issue as far as it seems so far.

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The spam plugin does it work when the email id provided is not valid, however, as per your findings I have disabled and deleted the only spam plugin we have.

I am going to re-test and see if the problem persists, If Cloudflare is not an issue, why would pausing the Cloudflare completely resolve the issue? Could it be something to do with CF & origin server’s communication.


Well, as evident from the screenshot your server does return a 500.

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