520 error when accessing my own site

Hello I am receiving a 520 error when trying to access my own site from a Mac using a safari browser. I can access the back end with the same domain but not the actual site. I can also access it from chrome and on another Mac using safari on the same IP address. I am just being blocked on this one computer.

We can’t check since you didn’t post the domain name, but 5xx errors are due to a server connection problem.

A 520 error occurs when the connection started on the origin web server, but that the request was not completed. The most common reason why this would occur is that either a program, cron job, or resource is taking up more resources than it should causing the server not to be able to respond to all requests properly.

Review the Quick Fix Ideas in this Community Tip for troubleshooting suggestions.

https://www.bigcitysportswear.com this is the website. The issue I am experiencing is just on my computer. It is accessible through different browsers on my system just not safari and it is accessible via different devices on the same network via the safari browser. I have restarted my browser and cleared my cache as well.

It looks like you’re on a Business Plan, so that’s awesome.

Your site is quite fast, so I’m surprised you would face any 5xx errors, as it looks like you have a really good server.

So it’s just on your Safari…and it’s the Cloudflare 520 screen? If you really are on a Business Plan, maybe you can go into Live Chat with Support and see if they can track down the Ray ID as it happens.

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