520 error tenten


Running into the same issue.

On flexible mode, keep getting 520 errors.

On full ssl mode, keep getting 525 errors.

Site works completely fine without Cloudflare, and going back to GoDaddy.

I have a feeling that both errors are related.

Would highly appreciate if this can be looked into.
Discussions with GoDaddy led to the conclusion that the issue is on Cloudflare’s end. (According to them).

But again, did test the site by completely going off of Cloudflare and it started to work. Have a very similar thread going on here 520 Error - GoDaddy Hosting

I believe a fix was implemented on May 9th if not mistaken (just taking a guess here based on cloudflarestatus site), and things were running smoothly. However, we’re facing the same issue now, it looks like.

There are very similar reports from other users in the month of May.
Would appreciate a look into this.

Start here Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error with logs for your hosting provider

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