520 Error Showing On My Blogger Blog

Hi Cloudflare Community,
I am looking to solve my website issue, yesterday when I switch the Cloudflare SSL settings from full to full strict my blogger blog is showing 520 error, although website was working fine back then when full mode is enabled. Please help as my website is down for almost 15 hours.

The 520 error is likely due to your origin server returning an error message when trying to connect to HTTPS.

Ensure that your origin is working with HTTPS, has a valid SSL certificate and allows traffic from Cloudflare IPs to port 443.

Actually, I have disabled the HTTPS on blogger as it is not computable with Cloudflare and turn on the full mode.

I’ve not used blogger, but you can add a domain name and turn on HTTPS as here…

Ensure your SSL/TLS mode is set to “Full (strict)” only. Your CNAME may need to be “DNS only”, but you can try both proxied and non-proxied.

If it still doesn’t work, please post your website address and screenshot of your DNS settings.

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