520 error on GoDaddy Wordpress Managed Account

I have 10- sites using Clouflare and all has been well til recently.

On my GoDaddy Wordpress managed server accounts I’m getting a 520 error on 4 of my sites.

Don"t know if this will help:
ID: x9Qoth4A

Cloudflare points to the host server as the problem. GoDaddy says it’s Cloudflare

We have another thread (link below) that talks about it. I think we’re making that one the “master link”

Short term band-aid: “pause” the site in Cloudflare.

GoDaddy support has ‘acknowledged’ the issue, but said that there’s still too few of people that are affected, and that since removing Cloudflare from the equation fixes it, that it’s pretty much up to Cloudflare.


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got it. Thanks.

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